Public Speaking

In the years between Spring of 1997 and Summer of 2007, I was able to spend a great deal of time in the country. During that time, I was blessed with many unusual wild and domestic animal encounters. I was taught so much about the animal kingdom and its inhabitants. As they related to me, played with me and kept me out of danger, I discovered that animals are indeed conscious beings.

I saw them solve problems that I had been unable to solve such as how to keep my miniature horse Jonesy from being hurt while he chased my much larger horse Toronado; and how to get, my Peruvian Paso, into the pasture when there was a six-foot snow drift over the gate. A skunk slowed me down when I was driving dangerously, an owl played with me to get me to laugh, and another owl made me slow down in a rainstorm just before I rounded a corner and hit a dangerous fog bank.

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encounters in my memoir here.

Speaking On Animal Consciousness & Communication

I am available to speak to your group about my encounters with animals:

their ability to process sometime complex data,

how they help us lighten up,

and how they can work with us as partners.

I would like also to have your audience understand how animals can and often do change quickly, sometimes overnight, if the change explained to them makes sense. Animals always understand what we say … even if we don’t know how to receive communication from them.

Participants will leave these presentations with a whole new appreciation for how we humans and animals can work together to make this a more vibrant, fun and, healthy planet.

Speaking to Animal Focused Organizations

I am available to speak to groups that work with animals such as veterinarians, veterinary technicians, pet therapy organizations and rescue organizations about the things I learned about animal consciousness; their ability to process sometimes complex data, make appropriate decisions and act on them; as well as their ability to entertain, comfort and bring laughter to our lives, often through deliberate, not accidental, action on their part. I have many true stories to share with you that will create laughter as well as some tears. I invite you let me guide you to see animals in a completely different light.

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Athena and Poncho: the married couple.

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Speaking on Overcoming Adversity

I would love to speak to your group about my journey through the after effects of a very serious traumatic brain injury. I was so different after my accident and craniotomy that many people simply walked out of my life because they did not know how to be around me. Others, I let go because I could not handle how fast they talked and moved. I lost my marriage, my psychotherapy practice and many of my friends. I could no longer multi-task, be in groups of over four people, handle bright lights or even medium level stimulation. During that time many kinds of animals, wild and domestic, walked into my life. We operated on the same tract, the present moment.

During the next seven and one-half years I learned amazing compensation skills and developed a whole new way of being, that incorporated the new person I was forced to develop. I am happier now than I have even been and am just publishing my memoir about those years. I would be honored to speak to your group to help encourage its members to look up and forward, not down in shame or backwards to what was, or could have been.

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