Life Coaching

I have been a psychotherapist/counselor since 1973, helping people heal their family of origin issues and early decisions that impacted their present-day lives. As I evolved, so did my practice. I became very interested in supporting people in their future growth, that area beyond the present time. Life coaching is different from counseling in that it focuses on the development of my clients from present time into the future. Fortunately, I am blessed in that I can and do help clients when they run into a block from their past. If the same thing interferes with forward movement, we will together go there, even if it is in the past, to clear it so that you can soar.

Working With You

I am available to work with you one on one on the phone to inspire you to move beyond adversity and stuck spots to create a life filled with joy, light, and success. I will help you:

create new definitions of self

create a more expansive positive self-image

recognize your skills

and refocus your life’s goals; professional, personal and spiritual

and move past challenges that stand in your way

Start Changing Your Life Today

I provide a one-time interview at no cost to determine if our working together is the right choice. During that time, we will assess your needs, discuss what I have to offer and I will present to you a number of coaching packages and their cost.

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