Fundraisers for Animal Rescues

I am willing to offer my Animal Communication Workshop as a fundraiser for animal rescues and other animal-focused non-profit organizations. In these cases, the host receives 65% of the profit (after expenses). The organization stands to collect as much as $1,006 per workshop.

Hosting a Fundraiser

Your operation is expected to fully host the event, which means send out the flyer to your mailing list, recruit a minimum of 12 paying people, and provide the meeting location and collect the fees.

  • Adults pay $129.00 for the eight-hour workshop.
  • Children age nine and above will be charged at $59.00.

I will provide the flyer unless you choose to do your own. Lunch can be provided at an additional fee, or the participants may do a potluck. In the afternoon the participants will practice with either live animals from your rescue or with photos of some of your animal residents. Animal rescue organizations have had very high turnout for these events, and at times we have created two separate workshops to meet the demand. This is double the money for your organization. I know rescues are very overwhelmed with the demands placed on them just to run the operation. I will be happy to work with some of your volunteers to help guide them in setting up the workshop.

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The is a fun and enlightening workshop guaranteed to change humans consciousness about animals!

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