Animal Communication Workshops

These workshops are designed to teach participants to understand what the animals are saying. Participants will learn to activate their natural telepathy, to which they had easy access to as children. Unfortunately, most of us are talked out of trusting and believing in our natural abilities as we grow up in this scientifically based, technology-oriented culture. And the tremendously fast pace in which most of us operate on a daily basis further shuts us off from being peacefully in the now, where the animals generally reside. The present moment is where true communication happens, with animals as well as other humans.

Animal Communication Workshop

A basic workshop where you are offered the opportunity to:

  1. Drop your limiting beliefs and judgments, which have prevented you from remembering what you knew naturally as a child.
  2. Discover the importance of treating animals with respect and dignity he/she/ deserves, thereby opening up the channels of communication.
  3. Learn how to slow down and be in the moment … the communication zone.
  4. Learn ways to begin developing your natural psychic abilities.
  5. Learn how to send messages to an animal in ways the animal can understand.
  6. Learn how to ask for and receive information from the animal.
  7. Learn methods of receiving confirmation regarding the communication received, thereby building confidence.
  8. Learn and practice a body scan, enabling you to identify problem areas in the body of the animal.
  9. Practice with animals in person and/or long distance.

This workshop can be taught in one day, or in two four-hour sessions, no more than one week apart.

Price: $129 & $59 for kids ages 11-17

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Sponsor A Workshop

The workshops I teach are offered to up to two sponsors or hosts at no cost. Hosts are responsible for providing the meeting location, distributing flyers, recruiting all of the participants, providing beverages and snacks, and collecting the registrations and fees. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 paying participants is required. I enjoy teaching in a casual setting such as a home, or a meeting room that has a way to accommodate a potluck lunch. Larger groups can be accommodated by negotiation.

I am willing to offer my Animal Communication Workshop, as a fundraiser for animal rescues and other animal-focused non-profit organizations. In these cases, the organization receives 65% of the income after expenses. The organization stands to collect as much as $1,006 for a single workshop. The rescue serves as host with all the above-listed responsibilities.

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