Animal Communication/ Counseling Sessions

I am available for one-on-one consultations with an animal or animals (up to two per session) and their human companions. If you are local I prefer to see you in my office or at your home.

Phone Consultations

In addition, I do phone consultations for people who live more than 50 miles beyond the Delta/Montrose area. However, I am willing to travel up to 100 miles, such as Telluride, if I have several clients, who want session in the same day. In either case, I need a picture of the animal and a list of your questions. Once I receive these, and we have made a date and time to talk again by phone, I will go into meditation and connect with your animal companion. The information I receive I will share with you at an appointed time. This will include what your animal companion wants to say to you or ask of you.

It’s all for the animals.

I work for the animal and am unavailable and unwilling to work for the human to control the animal companion, i.e.: “Make him stop peeing in the flower bed.” I am not an animal behaviorist. However, in many, many cases behavioral problems are solved once the animal has had an opportunity to explain why he or she is doing the behavior.

In essence, this work is more like counseling where a win/win is sought. This often requires a change on the human’s part as well. Many of the techniques I have used over the years in my psychotherapy practice also work with animals.

You might need this service if:

  • You want to know if your animal is happy and if not, what are his or her needs and wants.
  • You want to encourage your animal companion to come home.
  • You want to know if getting another pet is appropriate.
  • You want to know if your animal companion desires a new home, with a new human companion.
  • You want to discover the history of your animal friend who you know or suspect was abused.
  • You want your friend’s input regarding euthanasia.
  • You want to understand a strange behavior.
  • You want help identifying physical, emotional, behavioral or psychic issues, and assistance in healing the issue.
  • You want to communicate with your beloved animal who has transitioned … crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
  • You have the belief that your animal companion is an evolved being and you want to learn from him or her.

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‚ÄčI charge $100.00 per hour for these sessions. The first hour or partial hour is $100, and any additional time is charged at a proportionate rate, plus $.56 per mile for travel to and from your location.

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