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An Earth Side Memory From Toronado And Me

It was the most horrible winter the eastern plains in Colorado had seen in decades. The snow kept falling day after day. The wind was blowing it into seven- to ten-foot drifts. I didn’t see my mailbox for months. Newborn calves were freezing to death in the snow. Ranchers lost hundreds of cattle. My barn  … Continue Reading

book launch celebration

My Book Launch Celebration

The book launch of my memoir Remember Me: How my soul connection with animals helped me recover from a severe brain injury, was a true celebration. Everyone was so joyful and excited at the party, including me. The topic of my talk was Magic. Magic permeated my experiences after the injury, during my recovery, in  … Continue Reading

MAGIC Happens in the Moment

Wow! As I sit here preparing my first blog for my new website, my mind races ahead to all of the things I want to say to you, my readers. There is so much. How much time do you spend in present time, during your day? Do you practice mindful meditation, Transcendental Meditation (TM), or  … Continue Reading

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