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Former Colorado Springs resident becomes animal communicator after brain injury

For a long time after her traumatic brain injury, Linda Nations felt that wild animals were conspiring to keep her safe from harm.

Woman Overcomes Major Losses and Adversity With Help of Animals

Colorado Springs resident and local businesswoman Linda Nations divulges her journey of recovery from a severe brain injury and how animals taught her the most valuable lesson of living joyfully in the moment.

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Linda Nations Channel 4 News

Watch Linda Nations on the Channel 4 News in Arkansas as she explains about her animal workshops and how they help bring you closer to your pets.

Live Your PurposeRadio w/ Michelle Vandepas Divine Purpose Unleashed

Join Michelle Wandepas as she interviews Linda Nations, Head Injury Survivor, Psychotherapist and Animal Communicator as they discuss Linda’s Divine Purpose and how all these things tie in together! Linda’s got great stories of communicating with her horse, and listen to what her horse says about 911!

Original Show Date/Time: 6/13/2008 6:59:00 PM

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Ants’ Dance Song by Judy Feeney

In 2006 I was fortunate to be able to attend a workshop given by Linda Nations on communicating with animals. The entire day was a lovely experience, meeting new like-minded people and spending time outdoors in Colorado.

One of the last exercises was to walk around on the property and in the woods and fields and to listen to the animals, which included horses, dogs, cats, birds, and others.

I did walk around and spend time with all these animals but did not really hear any clear communication. It was a beautiful warm day and I decided to sit down with my notebook and just enjoy the silence. As soon as I did so, I looked down at my feet and saw what appeared to be a long conga line of small black ants purposefully traversing the path in front of me. After wishing them a good afternoon, I asked them, out loud, if they had anything they would like to share with the humans on the planet.

I was quite stunned really when they seemed to reply. I started writing down a little song that they were singing to me. Now honestly I did not hear them, or any little voices, or see any little lips moving, but they did convey to me a song.

I made a CD for children of environmental and peace songs for children and titled it the Ants’ Dance with that as the title song.I am very grateful to Linda Nations for her open and cheerful manner and her ability to teach me to communicate and mostly listen, to the animals.

Judy Feeney

Arkansas Newspaper Article

I’m standing near a barn, notebook in hand, instructions fresh in my mind: Introduce yourself, explain what you’re doing, ask for permission to communicate; when you’re done, ask for confirmation that you understood the message.

“Hi. I’m Luara. I’d like to talk with you. “Will you talk to me?” The beige cop I’m addressing, who goes by Biscuit, looks at me as if to say…

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