My hope on this site is that you find ways to enhance your love of animals.

In the last twenty three years, I have discovered how much animals, both wild and domestic, have to teach us, and how important a solid connection to them is to our well-being, and even the health of our dear Mother Earth.

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Do you know how to be here now?

We often call ourselves the more evolved species because we do such things as build spaceships to take us to the moon, Mars and other far reaching places in our solar system; and create advanced technology such as smart phones, computers and cars that drive themselves.

But take a closer look at us.

How many of us know how to be here now? How many of us know how to forgive easily and live in the moment? How many of our children, especially those past the age of starting school, love life, nature and each other unconditionally?

Many domestic animals do all of this and more.

Discover What Animals Can Do

Wild animals can teach us many lessons about playing and loving life.


A peek into my journey with the animals

Since the inception of the journey detailed in this memoir, even with its devastating beginning, my life has been filled with magic. Without a severe brain injury caused by a fall from my horse, I would never have slowed down, dealt with my spiritually dead marriage, or met animals in a way I never dreamed possible.

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My Animal Musings

Discover ways to truly learn from the animals through fascinating and true animal stories on my blog.

Keeping in the Clear by Linda Nija Nations

Did you know … That which you focus on, becomes your reality? Lately I have been stuck in a sticky mess, not of my making. I have had the image of a cartoon character attempting to move forward with goop, like slime, coming off her back, arms, and the bottom of her feet, holding her  … Continue Reading

An Earth Side Memory From Toronado And Me

It was the most horrible winter the eastern plains in Colorado had seen in decades. The snow kept falling day after day. The wind was blowing it into seven- to ten-foot drifts. I didn’t see my mailbox for months. Newborn calves were freezing to death in the snow. Ranchers lost hundreds of cattle. My barn  … Continue Reading

My Book Launch Celebration

The book launch of my memoir Remember Me: How my soul connection with animals helped me recover from a severe brain injury, was a true celebration. Everyone was so joyful and excited at the party, including me. The topic of my talk was Magic. Magic permeated my experiences after the injury, during my recovery, in  … Continue Reading

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